Vinyl Mastering included in the service.

A few tips about vinyl cutting you should definitely  know :

  • The length of program material determines the volume of the recording, longer than 8mins/side = quieter cut.
  • Non-compressed formats [wave files, or Cd-audio] are superior to mp3’s/aac/flac/ogg vorbis/etc.
  • Uncompressed audio gives a larger dynamic range, and sounds more natural on vinyl. Allow us to master your tracks [for free], rather than provide us with squashed ‘pancakes’.
  • Bass is mono below 400hz on vinyl.

If you cannot be present for the cut, tracks can be sent via FTP to us, and we will master, cut, and post your vinyl.  Contact us for more detailed instructions.

If you can be present for the cut, you are welcome to come and see the process live.


100% pure vinyl, 180 gram, 12” or 7” (Please note this is NOT acetate), with printable white labels. [6 per A4 sheet].
Radio Bomb Studios also provides white paper sleeves with protective plastic insert.



  • 1 unit :35€/unit + postage
  • 3-5 units : 30€/unit + postage
  • 5-10 units : 25€/unit + postage
  • 10-20 units : 20€/unit + postage
  • 20+ units : get in touch.

Payment via Paypal