Studio time is by half-day, day, or custom arrangement [such as evenings]. We can work beyond office hours to maximize creativity, and start the day late if required. More than 8hrs per day is possible, with prior agreement. Sound Engineer included in our tarifs. €300 per 8hr day, basic rate. Personalised tarif available for your project.


We mix with our rack hardware & large console, as well as in-the-box with UAD2 plug-ins, to get the best out of each domain,. We check mixes on our reference monitors, 6kw PA, headphones, and even laptops to ensure mix-translation across all playback formats. A/B’ing against artist chosen reference material to nail the desired sonics.


We cut 100% pure vinyl dubplates, and small runs for micro-labels. Vinyl mastering included. White paper sleeves, printable white labels. 180 gram black vinyl. Sliding price scale with quantity ordered. Get in touch for pricing, and tips for vinyl optimization of your audio.
Vinyl cutting at Radio Bomb Studios


We can master from a stereo file, or from stems [which we prefer]. We encourage the client to be present during this stage, but can download/upload via ftp if being present is impractical. Utmost care is taken to preserve transients & mix dynamics & enhance stereo depth.