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Client list (partial) ;

Fran Ray [uk/fr], Little Limmie & the Blue Beat[uk/fr], Annie Flore Bachyelis[gabon/fr], Bass Addict Records [fr],

LeRital [fr], McJay [us], cRad FXZ [fr], Rebelution Sound [fr], Chalice Sound [esp], Marasm Records [fr],

RBH, La Gueppe Ecrasser, #WAT, Gorille records,  Radio Bomb Records [uk],

Teas Dub [fr], Melting Pot Records [esp], Leekid [fr],

+ local groups, projects and solo artists.

We handle all styles, from acoustic to electro to big-band and solo artists.

Bands ; R&B, Dub, Rock, Indie, Alt, Hip-hop, Metal, Classical, hybrids, african, fr, etc…

Electronica ; Dub, dubstep, Techno, House, Acid, DnB, Breaks, Breakcore, Hardcore !

Most projects record in the live-room, and we then mix and edit in the control-room.

Recordings are made using vintage & modern mics, & a large format console [Soundtracs CM4400].

Conversion to digital via Universal Audio Apollo quad [thunderbolt2], and edited using a 2017 iMAC.

Mixed across the console, and with dedicated mixbus compressor and hybrid itb.

We achieve an excellent mix translation across all playback systems.

For any samples of our work, please ask and we can send snippets via email, or FTP.

Alternatively check out these links to client projects :